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Ok. I think we should start a mastermind. Some of you have PMed me to say you are interested. I will help to get us all organized. We can share the "load" and see how it goes. I will start us up this weekend and if you are interested in joining, just tell me on here or PM me. Thanks everyone! I'm excited and open to learning all that I can with you along on this new journey.

I'm in a mastermind group of 3 individuals and we have been meeting weekly on Zoom for 3 years. One of us is a syndicator of large multifamily. Another one does joint ventures in small/medium multifamily, another one is going solo on small multifamily. One is great at networking, another with tech, and another with deal evaluation. We each bring a few years of experience to teach the others. We are looking for someone that maybe doesn't have the experience in multifamily (yet) but either has experience in deal finding or is very motivated to learn. Our mastermind exists for each of us to teach each other and each has a strength. We aren't looking to double up on knowledge. If you think you fit the bill and have time every Wednesday from 9-10AM CST, send me a DM. This is a long-term group and we have become friends over the years. We would love to grow.

Hello all, 

I just came across this thread thread. I am interested in joining a mastermind as well. I am an investor based out of San Diego. I currently have two rental properties (condos), but am looking to get into multifamily. Initially I was focused on small multi (2-4), but now I'm starting to learn more about large multifamily and am leaning towards that route. I am currently investing as a LP in a 40 unit project in Phoenix, AZ.

Mario - I sent you a DM as well. Hope we can connect. 



@Benjamin Gamboa pleasure to meet you, I just sent a request to connect. 

 I also reside in the greater phoenix area (Mesa). It appears that you're interested in real estate investing. I am an active multifamily investor/developer with two development projects under way. I am also the host of the REV Multifamily Meetup, the largest monthly gathering focused exclusively on multifamily investing in the state of AZ with our last event actually happening on Nov 30 in Tempe. I'm always looking to connect with other like minded individuals and see how I may be able to provide value. I'd be happy to jump on a call and connect further.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Dallon Schultz

Most of the coaching programs have a mastermind component. Check out John Casmon's Capital Impact Club, Jake and Gino, Todd Dexheimer, Think Multifamily...etc (there are a lot).

I'd also suggest looking into GoBundance. It's not real estate specific, but it seems like the majority of the people in the group are doing some sort of RE investing. Reach out if you would like to hear my opinions/experiences about all the options out there.

It all depends on your goals and personalities. You need to find one that fits with you. I recently joined the Make It Happen Mastermind (MIH). Mainly because I saw it as a group of people focused on doing deals, not just teaching. I personally didn't need much from the teaching aspect, I needed partners to do deals. I knew several others in the group before I joined and they all had a great experience. Once a member, always a member. When I compared them to many others, this was the best fit for me based on goals and of course the value you get for the cost. https://mihmastermind.com/ The whole group is focused on strengthening its members and growing together.

I would be interested in joining a mastermind as I am always wanting to grow and learn more. Completed my first multi family deal earlier this year and am looking for more.