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Hello everyone,

I am in need of a good surveyor or architect. I am looking to subdivide a few acres of land in Marietta, Ga. I would prefer someone local who has previous experience with ground up development (residential and commercial).

All recommendations would be appreciated.


Lets chats. Shoot me a PM, not sure I can help but would love to hear more.

In the mean time... I recommend Donald Perryman who owns Surveys Plus in Smyrna. Worked with him on tons of projects including single residences, 70+ lot subdivisions, and large format retail. His rates are competitive.

.. looks like I need to PM you His contact info.... 

@Canesha Edwards  my advice is to make sure you have all your ducks in a row on paper.  How can you maximize and make best use of the property?  Start with that and put together your proforma... if you don't have numbers to fill in, do your homework and fill in the blanks.   You will feel much more comfortable when you start with a well thought out budget.  The more upfront work you do regarding budget and design, less likely there will be surprises.

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