Potential Billion Dollar Deal

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Imagine a way to minimize your tenant's rent without losing money. This option for renting could be game changing, and its possible! What do you think?

I hope you have more of a clue what you’re talking about than we do.

"What if I told you, there is a app on the market..."

-Jian Yang.

Also, is your refrigerator running?  

I Kno it's possible because I figured it out, I had to be more vague because the first time I posted this, it was taken down for "promoting". 

This post has been removed.

I think you should seek out millionaire investor Amanda Hugginkiss to invest in your idea.  She's very hard to find though, so start a new post titled "Looking for Amanda Hugginkiss" and I'm sure you'll get some leads.  

I think it's a TRILLION dollar idea. You should hold a seminar and charge people to learn about your system.

@Bill F. it uses compounding investments. Thats all I can really say without giving too much away. I have a similar strategy for stock trading, but it's extremely expensive and difficult to make a software for the scale that ill be using it for.

Its compound interest, but I'm on my phone so it autocorrected to investment. @Bill F.

@William Davis gotya. and does this add new revenue streams or magnify existing ones through software/blockchain?


I have some powdered water. Shelflife is unlimited and all you do is add water!

Is this like when will arnet tried to take over for Michael scott in The Office

"I have a 3 step plan to double profits here"

"ok great, whats the plan?"

"HA! nice try!"

"ok, can you tell us at least part of the plan?"

"part 2, step B: color code said documents"

@Grant Rothenburger the question was what do you think about the idea. "Imagine a way to minimize your tenant's rent without losing money." What do you think? I say I was going to tell any details about what it is or how it worked. 

Also why is everyone so quick to judge or make fun of the idea when you don't even know what is, haha.

I love great ideas! That said - they are simply a "multiplier."  here's what I mean: https://sivers.org/multiply 

@William Davis

I can't answer your question, nor can anyone else without knowing the process of accomplishing "a way to minimize your tenant's rent without losing money".

I like the sound of "making our air cleaner without switching from gas vehicles" but not if the strategy is killing half the population of people who drive gas vehicles.

People are "so quick to judge or make fun of the idea when you don't even know what is" because we don't know what it is and making blanket statements/ asking generic questions and saying "I cant say" when people ask what you're talking about - sounds sketchy. This is the exact strategy "gurus" use to get people to pay thousands for a course.

BP is a valuable resource, typically people who post here offer value or have a real question/concern they need help with. You just ask a question and refuse to tell us more - no value. Why do it? I, and probably everyone else that is "judging", assumes there is other motivation than just "what do you think about the idea". Maybe we're wrong, but there is no evidence to suggest we are.

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