Hard Money Lender with 80 - 100% LTV

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I am a real estate investor located in Seattle, WA. I am searching for a hard money lender with 80 - 100% LTV. I have several properties I am looking to acquire with 20% + equity margin.

If you lend money within these parameters please let me know, I will be more than happy to do business with you.

I may have some hard money lenders who can do 80%. Are you seeking hard money terms?

Keith Walker


I hope I helped.

So would you be bringing 20% cash down?

Are you buying residential or commercial properties? Do you have experience as a real estate investor? Do you have other collateral that is available to be cross-collateralized?

My sources can lend up to 100% LTV depending on the answers to those questions.

Most of the companies offer up to 70% LTV.

OP's request is five years old.

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