financing an airbnb property

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 I saw an ad for a start up that says they will give you 50,000 down if you rent a bedroom in the purchased property for 350 days and give them 50% for three years? have you heard about this?

Loftium? I've heard of it and I'm interested in how it works. I heard they give you the down payment, you either move in and rent out room by room, or you stay out and rent out the entire house. Following this thread to see if anyone has had success doing it.

I double checked it and see that they only want to do 

Seattle for now...I've been doing airbnb with

my NYC condo for 3 years with just a

few open days  fully booked most of the time


there are a bunch of webinars dealing with

making money with airbnb...they say one

can rent places and use them??

I would love to have some more