SFH Commercial Lending Research in Baltimore

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Looking for advice on what to expect for commercial loans in Baltimore (or in general) and any recommendations for local banks or credit unions.

We have just about maxed out on conventional loans and will be entering the commercial lending realm. I've met with a local bank (in Canton), and the terms they offered were 5% rate (variable), 10 year term, 20 year amortization. They will lend 70-75% (70-75 LTV).

Curious if there are better options out there and any good portfolio loan bank / credit union recommendations.

Thanks everyone!

There are always lenders at local networking events for investors (BWI meetup, Caza, etc).  Maybe start there?

@Beau Ordemann when we talk about "commercial" or "portfolio" products the terms and conditions will differ from bank to bank.  So it would be important to speak with different banks or maybe even a mortgage broker (who has relationships with several banks). Have you tried posting this in the Maryland forum?  There might be some local persons who can give you some advice there.  Just a thought.

@beau ordemann

Both @Nicole B.

@Andrew Postell

gave great advice. Check out the forums and meetups and REIA's in the area. Longer terms are available, but the rates may not be as good. Check a few different sources and see what they say.


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