Cash-out refi of an investment duplex in Texas

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Help please!

I am trying to do a cash out refi on an investment property I own in Dallas, TX. However, I just spoke with someone from Quicken Loans in Texas who said it was impossible/against the law because you can't do cash out refi's on investment duplexes. Only single family homes or large developments (more than 4 units) were allowed for investment cash outs.

This seems very strange to me, but reading online has just made things less clear. Is is possible to do a cash out refinance for an investment duplex in Texas? Do I need to have my primary residence in Texas? Any advice/help is much appreciated.

Thanks so much!


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Tyler is spot on. Oh quicken loansssss *smh*

@Kelly McKenzie - you can certainly do a cash out refi on any non-owner occupied property. That includes 1-4 unit properties. Every lender will have different requirements as to seasoning, FICO, DSCR, etc...

The most you would get is 75%LTV. PM me if you need assistance.

Thank y'all so much for your help! This has been incredibly helpful! Will reach out to those who have messaged today. :)

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