Cashout Refinance Advice

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Is it better to do a cash out refinance with a higher interest rate if the lender will go up to 80% or lower interest rate if the lender will only go up to 70%? Roughly a 1 point difference.

This is a Non owner occupied. Trustco wont lend this far out. Thank you for the referral though.

Haven't made a decision yet on lender. Waiting for advice at the better Avenue to take bet yet to get any

anyone? Seems like a common question but I was not able to find a previous posting.

If it were me and I would be holding it indefinitely, I would do the 70% at 5 because the market is hot right now and it's hard to find deals so there's time to recoupe the 10%. It really depends on your goals though, if you can line up another property and you need the capital then you should do that 80% at 6. There's not really a right or wrong answer for the information you gave.

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