20% Down Multi-Family Lender in MA

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Hello Everyone,

I am looking for a lender who would be willing to do a 20% down payment on a 4-plex in Massachusetts (MA) not owner occupied.

It can be an ARM if necessary


Income verification is not a problem.

Found a lender in NH although they won't lend on properties in MA for some odd reason. 

Thank you!


@Christian Ferreira   call a local bank where the property is located.  Banks locally have to lend within there Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)  area and therefore have easier guidelines within the zone.  

@Christian Ferreira I use a couple different Guys at Align Credit Union in Mass, they do 80% LTV, and do ARMS, Fixed etc. If you want, PM me, and I can set you up with my guys there. They will certainly take care of you. No issues at all, good rates too. I have all my investments with them, they even do 80% LTV on cash out refi's. Great for the old BRRR strat.

Thank you everyone for your responses. It seems that we will likely be working with Bank of NH who has said they will finance in Massachusetts with 20% down on a 1-4 unit investment property. Their ARM rates were very competitive and reasonable in my opinion.



@Seth Williams Do you know if Align Credit Union would lend in NJ, PA and any other states in the mid-west. Do they do rehab loans? Would appreciate a contact, I can PM you. 

I don’t believe they will since they are local, and, they have recently changed some of their terms due to the pandemic