Financing strategies for flipping business

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Seasoned flipping investors- if you could go back in time (not to 2010) when you started investing, what actions would you do to attract private money partners? Meetups maybe, but also what do private money partners need from investors in order to feel comfortable lending?

Part 1: Meetups for sure. I would have been more active on social media as well. I would have built my IG account a lot sooner and started marketing my business on FB as soon as FB ads were available. Hind sight is always 20/20

Part 2: I am flipper and an investor so I have a little insight to your second question. The number 1 thing I look at is your education and experience level. Also how you run your business. Did you show up to our first meeting on time? Were you well prepared? Are you organized and have your numbers together? I will even ask how your personal financial situation is. If you can't manage your money why would I let you manage mine? 

Hope that helps.