Conventional 97 with Chase or Cornerstone Home Lending

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Dear Community, I am purchasing my first home in Houston TX and I am trying to decide between two Lenders; Chase and Cornerstone Home Lending. Both Lenders are offering me similar rates with 3% Down. I like Chase because its a bigger institution and I will have all my accounts (credit cards, savings, checking, etc) plus my Mortgage in one page. But on the other side, I have been told that smaller Lenders tend to have better customer service. My plan in the future is to start BRRRR so I would like to build a good relationship with the Lender. Can you guys give me your recommendation? I need to decide by the end of this week which Lender to go and Lock my Interest %. Thank you in advance

@Javier Vía Reque I would highly recommend to never get a loan from a large institution.  They are too large and too cumbersome to provide a smooth process.  Many will miss closing dates and it's just a mess over there in their lending department. You will be routed to a department which will be very difficult to work with AND none of this will help you getting more investment property loans from them in the future.  Their CEO has publicly come out against doing any smaller loans like home loans.  And as an example of this philosophy, you WILL get better service if you are a "Chase Private Client"....which means you have at a minimum of $250,000 in cash with the bank.  So yes, they give better service to really wealthy people and the rest just get the bare minimum of treatment.  All of this might sound crazy but this is 100% accurate.  This doesn't guarantee that the other place will be perfect...but you will have a better go of it.  Hope this helps in some way. Thanks!