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Hello BP,

I need some advice, and what better place to ask then on the forums. I have an off-market condo that a customer of mine would like to sell. We were causally talking about it while working (not to mix business with pleasure), but now that the job is complete our conversations have become much more serious and I'm stuck on two different deals to offer her. 

The condo is a 2/2 in Nob Hill (very nice area in San Francisco) that needs some updating. We have both talked about a 700k sales price if we left a realtor out of it. Since I have worked in this unit, I know what upgrades it needs. Being a Project Manager, Icould renovate this condo at a very reasonable cost (15-20k). Taking into account these upgrades and current comps in the area the unit would be worth around 820k. The same size units are renting anywhere from 5-7000 dollars a month (I know; San Francisco rent is crazy!) so I have conservatively run numbers in the tune of getting $5500 a month for rent. That should leave us with almost 2k a month positive cash flow (assuming all is calculated correctly on the BP calculator). 

My question is how to approach the deal. My wife and I can not get a traditional mortgage at this price point. We have been battling two different options and don't know which way to go. The first is a 50/50 partnership with another investor. They would put up 350k for the down payment and we would finance the rest. We would then split the net rent 70/30 in their favor and retain 50/50 equity (we would pay for the remodel and act as PM) They would make 5.3% on their cash and benefit from the appreciation in the Bay Area. 

The second option is to offer an owner carry where the owner would benefit from getting a large monthly payment and defer such high capitol gains tax. We don't know much about this option though so this is where we are stuck. My gut is telling me to skip the partnership with another investor if the owner agrees to do an owner carry avoiding splitting the profits with another party. I'd really appreciate your thoughts.

I look forward to hearing what everybody thinks, and I thank you in advance!  

Anybody? I'm meeting with the condo owner this morning and want to be fully prepared to make the right decision. Thank you
If this is your first deal or will be 50% if your portfolio - looks like high risk because of portfolio structure And what was the historical high price of this condo ? We are not at the bottom of market, we could not rely on appreciation too much. Think about your plan B - what is your action plan in the worst scenario ?
Thank you Jane Alstatt my plan B would be to flip it. After the remodel the ARV is around 820k. I would be banking on appreciation over time but I am comfortable with that.

Don't overlook HOA dues, new restrictions SF has placed on the of renting of apartments on Airbnb and the burden of being a city with rent control.


Kathy Henley 

ARV only $820k? How big is the place? Sounds kinda low for nob hill, where you should be north of $1000 PSF. Give us some deets on the unit- parking, layout, views, bldg size, floor level, etc.

As for owner carry I've never done it before, but if she's easy to work with and reasonable in expectations, it could be interesting. 

The caveat is be conservative with expected rent. $5k is safe now, depending on unit amenities, but could be rich 1-2 years from now: there could be a tech correction; new construction rentals are coming online at similar rents. 

@Kathy Henley

We have figured in HOA dues and the building doesn't allow 30 day or less rentals so that would be put in the lease.

@Amit M.

 So the unit offers 24 hour concierge service, dedicated underground parking, rooftop garden/pool, and has been earthquake retrofitted. I am aware of the average PSF and thats why I don't want to lose this deal. The owner is looking for a certain number after paying the mortgage off to retire and it's within my numbers which makes the deal work. The unit is 920SF and is on the 4th floor. It does have city views and a very small balcony. 

Thank you to all who has responded, I will be having our attorney write up an offer this weekend and will be formally going under contract next week. Now it's figuring out the big question, how do we come up with the extra money. 

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