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I received this article from a friend who runs a local landlord meeting once a month. I had reached out to him looking for HELOC assistance for investment properties. I have a meeting tomorrow at 10 AM with a local bank offering HELOCs on "Secondary Properties". I plan to share what I find out in my area. I have 3 properties paid for that are just throwing off cash and I want to use the increased value to buy, fix and rent out more. Enjoy! TransUnion: HELOCS to Spike 30% in 2017

@Brian Ploszay It is loosening, but there are certain ones that will still offer this on investment properties, while most will say no. 

So far I have the following, with regard to Investment properties (Look the phone numbers up at the site under HELOC):

Bank America - No

Citibank - No

BBVA Compass - No

Ameris Bank - No

Chase - Maybe, depends on circumstances, primary HELOCs start at 80% LTV.$50 fee, Local Tax (mine is 0.055 x loan amount), $50 cost per year, 10 year, APR dependent on underwriting. 680 credit score necessary. Min is 15k, max 500k

TD Bank - Yes, 75% LTV, origination of $99, annual fee $50, 4.49%, if value is over 200k, they have an appraisal by licensed professional, if under, they use a "desktop appraisal" (Tax collector value). 685 credit score required.

CenterState Bank - Yes, but its a commercial loan, they lend out 50-60% of the ARV and want:

  •  Last 3-years of your personal tax returns (and K1s)
  • Current personal financial statement (form attached)
  • Information on the 3 residential properties (addresses, rental rates, etc..)

Still working on more. I think I may have a portfolio lender (can have more than 4 properties in our name). Trustline Mortgage here in Jacksonville. Hope it helps. 

I have a contact for them with MO Bank forget the terms, but they'll do em. Also PenFed will do them (or at least they should, haven't actually called).

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