Need Milwaukee real estate attorney for sub-to contract

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I am looking for a real estate attorney in Milwaukee that has experience and can draft a subject-to sales contract.  I have called some firms but so far no luck.  Does anyone know of one that may be of help?

Rebecca Mitich at Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek. Not cheap, but worth it.

Join Legal Shield.  They RE attorney in every state.

I've been to a landlord bootcamp run by Atty Tristan Pettit, who my usual, all purpose attorney AND another attorney I know who also practices general business related law both said is definitely the best LANDLORD'S attorney in town and the guy to call if you're in any sort of serious landlord/tenant dispute or any serious case related to being a landlord where the stakes are high enough to make darn sure you've got the best possible representation due to what you could lose if things go the wrong way! He's also an all around real estate attorney and I believe is the guy who drafts the docs that the WI Legal Blank Co sell that many in WI use for their leases, etc so I'd sure think he's well qualified for your need and even if someone who knows pretty well what to do is say $100 cheaper, I'd pay the extra $100 for Atty Petit in a heartbeat and get papers I know darn well should cover my a** in ALL situations!

Here's a link to his EXCELLENT landlord blog too and he's good about answering emails, so I'm sure if you email him he'll let you know if he is qualified to help and if not, my ipression having talked with him multiple times is that then he'd refer you to whoever you should call and not just take the biz he's not well versed in, he strikes me as a very honest and principled man. Hope that helps!

Thanks for the help everyone.  Im going to give Mr Atty Pettit a call, he sounds like the kind a resource I need in my corner.

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