Quickbooks and Virtual Assistants

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I am hiring a virtual assistant to help manage my books. I would like to collaborate with my VA on a single Quickbooks file. What version of Quickbooks should I use? Desktop or Online?

For the Desktop version I assume we'd have to save the QB file in the cloud, which could be a pain.  But I have heard bad things about QB Online.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Matt, I would stay with QuickBooks Desktop for the real estate industry. The biggest challenge is reporting. You can enter all the details no problem, but getting reports and customizing a challenge. Not to say that in couple months or years the reporting capability will be robust as the QuickBooks desktop version.  

Quickbooks Online all the way. I get there's features that Desktop has that Online doesn't, but I simply can't express how convenient the mobile app and realtime collaboration is with Quickbooks Online... Especially with a VA involved.

No interest in ever going back to Quickbooks Desktop files. The power of doing everything on my phone when I'm in the field whenever I need it - send an invoice, send a receipt, setup a new tenant, accept credit card payments, see which tenants have paid and which haven't, take pictures of receipts, add delayed charges - so, so, so efficient to use Quickbooks Online.

However, you could take your laptop with you and do the same thing, and it would save you over $400.00 a year.  But I understand a laptop would be a tad bit hard to put against your ear.   

It does sound like a good move on your part Justin.  QuickBooks always seems to improve every year.

Nancy Neville

Originally posted by @Edward Mccracken :

Post an update on how the quickbook VA works out for you. I was thinking of doing the same....

Hi All,

The OP is 4 years old, but still relevant to me, and hopefully others here. I am very interested in utilizing a VA with bookkeeping help with QB.

Thanks much!

@Brad Polvorosa I went through so many and it was a nightmare.  I'm paying my accountants person to do everything right now.  Its somewhat expensive.  I spent so much time and money trying to get it done cheap.  I recommend having someone educated do it for  a year or two, then start looking at this option.  Get things on track first.