Questions for My Potential Accountant

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I have a few appointments with different CPAs to figure out which one I want to go with.  

Does anyone have ideas for questions I should ask my prospective accountants to see if they will be a good fit for my Real Estate business?

I have three properties (single family homes), but I am looking to expanding into multi-family and possibly more single family.  Any feed back would be great! Thanks!

Do you invest in real estate yourself? When would you recommend creating an LLC vs an S Corp vs a C Corp? How do you recommend tracking my expenses? How can I implement the recently enacted repair regulations? How am I billed if I have questions throughout the year? What documents do you need me to provide and when?

Ask about their plan to prepare your taxes. It should start with a consultation, a few meetings, and planning your short term and long term strategy. If they say, you drop your stuff off and we prepare your taxes and call you when it's done. You end up getting what you pay for.