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Hello BPers,

I am currently a SFR investor in the Miami-Dade area with 1 rental property currently under my portfolio, looking to expand by purchasing a possible second SFR (duplex, In-Law Quarters, Efficiencies) within the next couple months, into the new year.

Before I continue expanding, I'd like to find a really good CPA with extensive RE accounting knowledge and experience. I plan on forming an LLC eventually as I navigate through the different investing strategies I would like to venture in (whether buy & holds, MultiFams, Flipping, etc), but I am taking all the necessary steps now in order to be able to continue conducting business in the future and not have to worry about Uncle Sam wanting any MORE of his "silent partner" cut than what he gets.

Tax Strategy is my No. 1 priority before I begin to purchase any future properties.

Any referrals/feedback of any professionals with proven results conducting business in the Miami-Dade/Broward county would be much appreciated.

@Carl Fischer Thank you for taking the time to read my post and referring someone

@Lance Lvovsky I will be in the Miami area right before the holidays.... my partner and I would really like to receive some solid advice on how to handle forming our business from this point on.... I will touch base with you a couple of days before I arrive to see if we can schedule a meet-up. Thank you for responding as well to this post.

@Evelio Martinez please send me a Private Message and I will provide you the name and phone number, of a CPA that I highly recommend and is my Personal Accountant.

@Evelio Martinez Not a problem! I look forward to hearing from you. You can send me a private message to arrange a meeting.

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