What happens when the city puts a sidewalk on your property?

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I understand there are easements that allow the city to do this just curious what rights a land owner has. I'm watching a sidewalk being built in my neighborhood and in order to continue it all the way down the street the city would have to go more than 10 feet into some of these properties because of trees. Thanks in advance.

Check your deed.  You may own less than you think.  My first house in TX had a sidewalk in front but it was actually on city owned property.  My property line was about a foot behind the sidewalk, not at the curb like you might think.

@Chris Clark

You may have to pay for it as an assessment or in your local taxes. You will have to maintain it -shovel snow and/or edge it.  You basically will have no say on who uses it and you will have to keep your sprinklers from spraying on it. Hard to fight city hall, students need safe walkways, residents need to stay out of the street, etc. 

they wont build it without proper easements.. this is a win.. keeps you from having to pay for it.