Need a couple solid referrals

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I feel I have a pretty good grasp on my business plan, and I'm ready to have a consultation with a CPA and attorney. Can someone send me some referrals in the st. charles, geneva, batavia, north aurora, elgin, west chicago, Illinois area? I've used the same real estate attorney for all my buys/sells in the past, as has my family but I'm always willing to see other options. I'd like them to have reputable experience with dealing with fix and flippers, not cost a crazy amount since I'm not going to be doing 50 flips my first year or doing any rentals yet, so it shouldnt be too complex (3-4 is my goal in an LLC), ideally a free consultation but thats not a must. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Brandon Reda

Larry Lobby at Batavia Law, in...well, Batavia, has a firm grasp of the market. He works with a few investors already and has sound advice for company set up. He's thorough and solid. 

The company name is Drendel & Jansen. 

Hi Brandon,

I'm an investor and CPA, been working in real estate tax accounting my entire career. I'd be happy to discuss on the phone for free.  Happy to answer any questions and see if I can help out in any way.  Let me know if you're interested.

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@Mark Faustrum I am in Grand Rapids, MI.  I have clients in Illinois, never been to Elgin but I'll be in Chicago this weekend.  I travel for clients as needed and work in my office in Michigan.  There's actually a great train from GR to Chicago that I've done for work.