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BP collective genius, my wife's father lived in The Great State of Texas and recently passed away. He has a will but his wife has not filed for Probate. My wife has filed an Affidavit of Heirship claiming her right to 1/2 of the equity in her Dad's house. We just found out that her step mother pulled $100k of equity out of the property and is now trying to refi again, probably to pull out more equity without telling us.

Can anyone help shed some light on what our rights are in this case? 

Can anyone recommend a good Texas Real Estate Attorney that could help us understand what our rights are? Thanks for any help!

Kim Markel in Argyle has been great to work with so far (we are early in the process). But she was referred to us by a realtor very involved in the Denton County scene, and who owns rentals herself. Also, Markel owns rentals, so it was nice having someone with experience.