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1. Only active members of the community can post here. If you sign up for the forums with the expectation of posting your ad here, don't bother. It will be removed. Only those members who add to the discussion can post here.

2. In order to set a standard, users must post at least 10 posts before posting in this section. These must contribute to the community, and not merely be fluff posts.

3. You may NOT post your email or phone numbers in any post in this or any other thread outside the classifieds areas of the forums. To make others aware of your contact information, you must place it in your forum signature.

4. No soliciting people for buyer lists. Only post actual deals or partnership opportunities here. Any posts that solicit users will be removed and that member will be placed on suspension.

It seems that we are getting quite a few people here who post opportunities or deals that don't respond to inquiries or phone calls. :nono: In an effort to keep everyone sane we are going to try and clean things up a bit, but we need your help. If you respond to a post here via phone, pm, email, and do not recieve a response, please let us know. You can PM me with th thread and whatever info you have and we'll close the thread.

We will LOCK any thread where the user is non responsive to inquiries. Therefore, if you see a locked thread, it is likely not worth your time exploring.

NOTE: If you are presenting an opportunity and the opportunity EXPIRES, please let us know so we can lock the thread. OR you can edit your post and let people know that the opportunity is no longer in effect.

Thank you everyone for helping to keep things running smoothly here. :kewl:

Can I post that I have my private investors foreclosure list .Don't want to violate.

Can I post a deal with a link to a flyer with my contact info and pics? I don't want to be in violation as I value my membership. Thanks!

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