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@Mindy Jensen , I think it's different if it is a commercial property? Other commercial properties I see don't have a listed price. 

Thanks Mindy!

Thank You Mindy. I am new too. Good to be careful.

Good to know that we have you looking out for us!

I am so happy to be part of such a large group/ of ethical investors. This is 'the rest of the story'

Thank you for being here.

(352) 474-5041

Thank you!

Thanks for the info Mindy!

Thanks Mindy !!

Thanks Mindy and BP family for allowing us to participate in this site.

Thanks Mindy...that's a big help!

Thank you!

Is there any kind of a tutorial on using the Filters?  I have played with them but can't quite get it.  Also what about naming filters?  Why?  And how to subscribe to get emails with certain filters activated?  Can I get separate emails for different filter criteria?  There are a bunch of permutations, and I'm having difficulty figuring out the ins and outs of filters.  Thank you.  :)

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