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@Eric Sztanyo , there should be a place to do that as you are creating the ad, however if you are having an issue, send me a PM. I have BiggerPockets Super Powers and can change almost anything.

@Mindy Jensen , I think it's different if it is a commercial property? Other commercial properties I see don't have a listed price. 

Thanks Mindy!

Thanks Mindy!

Thanks Mindy- also, thanks for your book recommendations!

Thank You Mindy Jensen! Great advice.

Thank You Mindy. I am new too. Good to be careful.

Good to know that we have you looking out for us!

I am so happy to be part of such a large group/ of ethical investors. This is 'the rest of the story'

Thank you!

Thanks for the info Mindy!

Thanks Mindy !!

Thanks Mindy and BP family for allowing us to participate in this site.

Thanks Mindy...that's a big help!

Thank you!

Is there any kind of a tutorial on using the Filters?  I have played with them but can't quite get it.  Also what about naming filters?  Why?  And how to subscribe to get emails with certain filters activated?  Can I get separate emails for different filter criteria?  There are a bunch of permutations, and I'm having difficulty figuring out the ins and outs of filters.  Thank you.  :)

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