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Thanks Mindy,

BTW, great job on the new Money podcast.

Thank you Mindy!

We can't have enough shepherds so long as there are wolves among us.

Thanks for the detailed advice Mindy!  We sure appreciate all your posts.

You're awesome, thanks Mindy!

Is there a number or e-mail to reach a moderator or admin.  I'm a paid Pro Member who has been Ban from the use of the Forum, Market Place and essentially the Web Site.  I answered a forum question by mistake with information about my company.  Forgetting the fact the question was not from someone answering my Marketplace post.  Payments are still being taken from my Bank Account.  If I cancel membership. will that stop the deductions from the Bank immediately since I was immediately Ban from the use of the Bigger Pockets Site?

@Alex Hamilton , it looks like this ban has been lifted. Let me know if you have further issues.


There is an "Open Forum Trap"  I'm told I was caught in it a half dozen times according to some people at Bigger Pockets.  The trap goes like this:   Someone ask a question on bigger pockets like, "anybody know of a good property manager in Baton Rouge?" I'm in Baton Rouge and enter my company info.  Some even ask for contact info in a message, I just had to stop responding.

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