Tips for Posting in the Marketplace Forum

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Here are some tips for getting better results from your marketplace postings:

  1. If you are posting a property, provide details! Photos, location, PRICE, and other pertinent information that any prospective homebuyer would obviously want in a listing should be included.
  2. Do NOT poach other people’s marketplace posts. Their marketplace post is not the correct place to start talking about YOUR property, offer, listing, or financing solution
  3. Fill up your post with keywords! If you are posting in Denver, make sure to include keywords like “Denver” “CO” “Colorado” and perhaps even specific neighborhoods that the property is in and that surround the property.

Medium fbprofileDave Meyer, BiggerPockets | [email protected] | Podcast Guest on Show #186

I'm new to Bigger Pockets. Thank you for the insight!

Glad you put this out there. I think BP needs to promote the marketplace more. I put properties in the marketplace (3 recently) and don't get much interest or even people reaching out to get on my buyers list. Most of my sales come from advertising to my list or putting them on CL. 

@Dave Meyer so I would also suggest you not spam the market place with keywords that don't apply. I sometimes see this with the turnkey providers. They cleverly (or not) spam the high priced market names to get eyeball on their "cheap" properties. Not sure what can be done about this but certainly it's a bit of a turn-off to me. 

BTW there is a huge need for a local clearing house of off-market deals. It would be nice if BP could act as an investor MLS of sorts.

Medium rre 1to1 small sizeBill S., Reliant Real Estate, Inc. | 720 207‑8190

Does anyone know where to post a property that we are looking for investors for?

Any help is appreciated.

How do you post something for sale?

hi! My name is Lana. I'm a Realtor Investor in CA. 

I'm looking for good deals to buy/invest money in CA or somewhere also. 

We need contractors, wholesalers, investors. 

All contact information on

Hi, I'm looking for help selling a few rental houses in St. Louis.  What category would I place that in?

Question about marketplace:  Is there an amount of time a post remains here or to see "my posts" or something similar ?  I can't seem to find the post we did a while back- please advise.

Thanks so much !

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Are you able to post to this forum using the mobile app? I tried selecting the category, but am unable to do so, perhaps because there is no marketplace subcategory.

@Lana Sha Would love to connect with you. We do business in California and other parts of the country. I just sent you a friend request.

my .02 , I think if Marketplace were set up more like classifieds it would be much more useful and easier to use. Not sure why BP chose to reinvent the wheel on this when the traditional format works. Also, I'd like to see people be able to remove their ads (or have a time limit) , and edit. 

Medium house plansKaren Margrave, Parlay Investments | [email protected] | | CA Contractor # 680782

If you are using or plan to be a paid member, the EULA, varies little from other social media sites. 

BP is a business and the platform operates as such. Free is free across it, but paid supports the content, computer servers, personnel, etc.... I dont believe those with the most money and experience have a foothold on n e thing, and within that believe, if you pay for the service with a good heart and good intentions and expectations, you can always ask about how and where did the marketing package u signed up for go. Its a simple question. 

Any increase in automatic payments need to have better results, allowances etc from the parent

BP, man how can you get any better than where you have grown?

Basically means, limitations, etc.

Today its about what is posted in the marketplace and results?

CL is absolutely free and has a social side for members.

I get it, BP has become a domain with a real estate footprint on the internet.... Which is not hard to do.....

Whats next IPO?