Tips for Posting in the Marketplace Forum

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Here are some tips for getting better results from your marketplace postings:

  1. If you are posting a property, provide details! Photos, location, PRICE, and other pertinent information that any prospective homebuyer would obviously want in a listing should be included.
  2. Do NOT poach other people's marketplace posts. Their marketplace post is not the correct place to start talking about YOUR property, offer, listing, or financing solution
  3. Fill up your post with keywords! If you are posting in Denver, make sure to include keywords like “Denver” “CO” “Colorado” and perhaps even specific neighborhoods that the property is in and that surround the property.

This post came up in my keyword alerts, as I have one set for "Denver" -- Good work Dave!

Glad you put this out there. I think BP needs to promote the marketplace more. I put properties in the marketplace (3 recently) and don't get much interest or even people reaching out to get on my buyers list. Most of my sales come from advertising to my list or putting them on CL.

@Dave Meyer so I would also suggest you not spam the market place with keywords that don't apply. I sometimes see this with the turnkey providers. They cleverly (or not) spam the high priced market names to get eyeball on their "cheap" properties. Not sure what can be done about this but certainly it's a bit of a turn-off to me. 

BTW there is a huge need for a local clearing house of off-market deals. It would be nice if BP could act as an investor MLS of sorts.

hi! My name is Lana. I'm a Realtor Investor in CA. 

I'm looking for good deals to buy/invest money in CA or somewhere also. 

We need contractors, wholesalers, investors. 

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Question about marketplace:  Is there an amount of time a post remains here or to see "my posts" or something similar ?  I can't seem to find the post we did a while back- please advise.

Thanks so much !

my .02 , I think if Marketplace were set up more like classifieds it would be much more useful and easier to use. Not sure why BP chose their particular format on this when the traditional format works. Also, I'd like to see people be able to remove their ads as they sell, or ?  (or have a time limit for ads and they drop off) , and ability to edit. 

@Dave Meyer Maybe you can answer some of the questions posted to your thread, since you are an expert on Marketplace. I got called out for "stuffing" and putting keyword with a list of words so I obviously don't know the rule. 

For instance, if someone is interested in investing in Vacation Rentals, they may put a keyword alert for that, but not put short term rental, VR, etc. So I thought listing those as keywords would alert those people. Or for people looking for real estate in and around an area may only have that one area on their keywords, but other nearby communities may have something they're interested in too, so ... do we just make sure to name those in the acutal post or ?

I know as a moderator I should know all the rules, but I'm perplexed on this. Where does it show info on what is allowed on keywords, what is stuffing, etc. so that all of us can avoid breaking the rules?

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