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Hi guys,

Looking for a smart Lender to fund a development opportunity in Dalas,Texas.

Need $150,000 at 10% for 180days?

Email me if interested: [email protected]

I would also like to declare here that I have been burned already by a scam of a Lender sourced from BiggerPockets-Beware guys. So only valid Lenders with reasonable terms and conditions please.


@Dave Meyer Did you or @Karen Margrave figure out how alerts can be used with the Marketplace?  Going both ways if I have a listing which I do, and I've added keywords such as these but after looking at other recent listings it seems my "keyword alert" only works for the general forums and I have not ever been notified about anything in the marketplace.  It would be great to both be able to be notified of new listings as well as if there was more data available to those who list such as who is viewing them.

We have plans to buy inner city KC property and develop the still risky blocks. All in at $35-$40K. Many viable exit plans including balloon or payoff at 1 year, 2 year Or 5 year. Rent, owner finance, and sell as turn key are viable options for these areas. We believe we will rehab 2 times as the market quickly moves to rehab all of Kansas City. We have a realtor on staff. We have wholesalers on staff. A little about us: we have only rehabbed and maintained investment property for 10 years. We sponsor Local REI group and NARPM sponsorship has us with great relationships with KC wholesalers, investors, landlords, property managers, inspectors, real estate agents, and all specialty trades.

How we can make you money quickly relies on our rehab superpower if you will. Paired with an understanding of real estate investment-we use our skill to get nearly double out of our rehab dollars. We push and push the ARV with our systems. We don't charge for a whole box of items when we only use 2 out of the 12. We negotiate low cost high quality supplies and material to stretch the dollar and increase value.

You will have the ability to invest a low 40K and no less than 15% return. We are definitely open to other arrangements.

We have hundreds of completed rehabs. Fully licensed and insured and ready to make people money. Ask about our KC RETURNS PRESENTATION. We are happy to show you how safe and secure your modest investment will be.

Hello BP,

My partners and I have begun to dig in And have been trying to make contacts in the lehigh Valley PA market area. We would like to meet wholesalers and other Professionals in the Area. Also we would like to find some good meetups as well. Hope everyone is doing well and is getting through these crazy times. Any information and, or contact info would be much appreciated.