Focus Group Members to Test Real Estate Investment Search Engine!

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Looking for a key group of individuals to test the new release of our real estate investment search engine and provide honest feedback about the platform. As a beta release we are relying on this first core focus group to help fine tune our search and user experience.

In return for your help, not only will you receive first access to all nationwide investment properties (fix and flip, rental, buy and hold) but will also receive 12 months of premium paid subscription FREE. You help us become better, we help make you more money!

Only a select number of users will be chosen for Greater Margins beta focus group. Reserve your spot today.

Erik Hageman


Greater Margins

Job Posting Details

  • Remote position: yes
  • Company:
  • Experience: All Experience level please apply
  • Skills: Knowledge of residential investment styles
  • Benefits: First Access to Greater Margins Premium Features
  • How to apply: Email or Post

Dear Erik:

Please reserve a spot for me for the Greater Margins beta focus group.


Cheryl Branche


May I throw my hat into this ring,,. I don't know about any thing else but Real Estate - commercial multi-family, management and mortgage banking.

Thanks for listening,


[email protected]

800 956 9600

Newbie here, I'd love to join the focus group if you need more help!!

Please reserve a spot for me as well

Lewis Anderson

I'd also be interested. Currently internationally based, Own one duplex in SW Florida, just beginning to expand. 

Hello Erik,

I am interested in taking part in your beta program.  I am happy to share feedback.  Thank you,

Judson Osbon


I'd be very interested in helping you with your focus group! Before I put on my real estate hat I ran a comparative immunology lab and did beta testing of equipment and software for companies like Promega, BioRad, Nikon, and others.


We really appreciate all the great inquires both posted and emailed!  Originally we had planned to just leave thread open one week but have decided to allow a larger segment for the focus group.  Will keep everyone updated on the timeline and focus group process as we get closer.  Would like to add some additional group diversity with members from Midwestern and Central states.  Feel free to invite friends if you know investors in those areas that would be interest in being part of the early access process.

Thanks Again 

What areas of the country will you be covering? If Oregon and California properties are included I'd be interested. 

I would be interested, always looking at tools to better my future.

Thanks 👍

Karen, Greater Margins Will be posting investment specific details on properties from coast to coast.

I’m interested to be part of beta test.

I would be interested too. - Hansen

I would be interested in participating. I actually have experience with minimal experience with QA testing and currently work on digital platforms as a project manager so really have a deep understanding and appreciation for what it takes to get platforms released into the market. Anyway, if there are still open positions, please contact me at [email protected] or via BP.

@Erik H. can I please have a spot for your beta testing? RSVP

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