Focus Group Members to Test Real Estate Investment Search Engine!

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Add my name please.  I'm from Wichita, KS.  My email is [email protected]  


I am a General Contractor who works in joint ventures. I bring my technical knowledge to the test group. Thanks 

Erik, My wife and I invest in Colorado and Florida and are intrigued by your software solution; would love to help.
Eric and Christine

I would be interested although Im not in the midwest. Im based in Los Angeles, California. My email is [email protected]

@Erik H.

I am the best person to test the beta Greater Margins product.

I analyze search engines as a career and analyze properties for fun and investing. I would add value to the beta test.

Thank you, Desiree

If you have not fulfilled your quota of beta testers, please consider adding me to your group.

Contact: [email protected]

Joseph Gonzales, Contractor

@Erik H.

Please send me information on this if you are still looking for testers.

Thank you