Washington DC Flip in Hot Riggs Park.

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Price $325,000
Location 5832 Eastern Ave NE Washington DC 20011, washington, DC, 20011
Property Details

Single Family Residence

  • Current Rent: $0
  • Square Footage: 1088
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 2.0
  • Occupied: No
  • Lot Size:

Great Location and Opportunity in a Hot Riggs Park Neighborhood. Similar Comps in Riggs Park are selling for 550K+. The homeowner will have to be evicted and she does not have tenant rights. 

Updated about 1 year ago

ARV: 550K Renov: 75K Price: 325K

The occupant is the previous homeowner (lost in foreclosure) and My Attorney informed me that since she is not a tenant, then she does not have tenant rights. 

Hi Vernon,

I'm new and still trying to learn so please forgive the newbie questions: 

am I correct in assuming that you are wholesaling this property?

Yes,  I am wholesaling this 

Thanks Vernon, I messaged you...sorry for grammatical errors, sent it on my phone and did not proof read it!

Hi Vernon,

I have someone for this. Will PM you

Hi- Am looking for SF row homes in NE (preferably not Deanwood) in the 300-400'sK range.

Please add me to your buyer's list - Jen 

[email protected]

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