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Hey BP Money listeners, This is most specifically for folks in the Portland Oregon area but I’d love feedback from anyone. I’m curious if anyone out there would be interested in a personal finance meetup? If yes, what kinds of topics would you prefer to discuss. To give you context I was just listening to today’s podcast and heard @mindyjenson and @scotttrench talking with Joe Saul-Sehy about surrounding yourself with folks who are doing things you want to do. I’m very interested in becoming financially independent and it would be great to have a support system (beyond digital), that we could all rely on together. Anyway, let me know your thoughts, what topics you’d like ti duscuss and I might just see you soon! -Josh

Hi @Josh Gold I think this would be AWESOME and think there would be a pretty decent turnout. It could be something like a "book club" but a "podcast club" where we simply just discuss what Mindy and Scott discussed with their guests over the past month. From experience in BP meetups conversation typically comes fairly easy without a whole lot of moderating. If there's anything I can do to help let me know!

Hi guys, I also think that would be pretty cool. I haven't listened to that particular podcast yet because I am still trying to work my way thru the BP podcasts and still have a ton to go but I would love to learn more about the personal finance and money end of things. If you end up putting something together please keep me informed and if there is anything that I can do to help please let me know!


Mathew Taylor

Hey @Chace Fraser and @Mathew Taylor ,

Thanks for your initial thoughts and since you are the only two to drop in with comments, where do you think would be a good place to meet up?  I live out in Newberg and naturally would like to meet closer to home, it looks like Chace you're in Portland and Mathew you're all the way out in Hood River.  With that in mind, any favorite places you guys have been lately?  How about timing of a first meetup?  Maybe in November to give us some time to identify a place and gain some audience with a meetup post?  

Keep the good thoughts coming!



@Josh Gold I think the earlier part of November would be good. Midweek, after work, around 6/7 or so? Somewhere we can chat about finances and have a pint? I know that last part goes against a lot of what they talk about on the podcast and trying to keep expenses down :)

What are your (or anyone else's) thoughts?

@Chace Fraser I think you're on the right path, and I feel like the ROI on a pint hanging with like minded individuals is going to prove valuable, so my hunch is that Scott and Mindy would be for it! I'd like to meet somewhere in the south western part of the Portland Metro area. Have you ever been to anything in the Multnomah Village area? Ideally we'd stick close to I-5 for easy access to most people. I've gone to Lucky Lab out that way for other BP events. Sasquatch is also good but it's kind of noisy.

@Benjamin Ulloa , glad to hear you're in as well!  

Sorry to all of you for my recent delay in reply.