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Hello all.. I am exploring online property management software to self manage the rental property, but I see a lot of them like


Tenant cloud




Stessa and there are many. I am looking for simple and probably free software to list,screen, prepare lease and optionally receive rent. Are you using any of them listed above or any other software not listed here and pros and cons, would you please recommend any one? Thanks in advance.

Hey Ramki,

I personally use TenantCloud. I ran through the others when I first started investing and they were either very limited in their features or very expensive for a landlord with only a few units. TenantCloud struck a nice balance between pricing and features. It has all of the features you would want as a landlord such as electronic rent payments, maintenance request, expense tracking, reporting, apartment listing and more. The piece of it I liked the most was the reporting aspect of the software. I found it able to generate better reports for tax purposes at the end of the year. 

If you ever want to chat more about it or have questions please reach out. 

Good Luck!

Rule #1: there is no perfect software.

Rule #2: what works for Landlord A may not work well for you.

It takes a little work, but I recommend you sit down and make a list of why you want the software. Common uses include receiving/processing applications, tracking rental units, leases, tenant contacts, payment history, accepting online payments, maintaining documentation, and tracking maintenance. Make a list and try to organize it based on what is most important to you.

Then you do 30 minutes of searching/research to see what the top options are for Landlords like yourself. Make a list of the Top 10. Go to their website and read what they can do. Try to narrow your list down to the top 3-4 that seem to have the features that are important to you.

Once your list is narrowed, it's time to test each one. Create an account. Enter a property. Test how they advertise available rentals. Look at their application process. Create a fake tenant account. Send a lease for e-signature. Look at how they track tenant payments, deposits, owner payments, etc. Check out the owner statements. Submit a fake maintenance request. Yadda-yadda.

This is not an inclusive list so I may have missed something important to you. The point is, you have to test each one to see what works best for you. Settle on one and use it.

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@Ramki D. I use rentredi, for the most part it’s great, affordable easy to use, and it’s integrated with latchel which is pretty cool. but a couple of my issues with it are, there’s no way for a tenant to access and pay on a desktop, only smartphone app. And the accounting integration it uses, rei hub I think, is kind of expensive so I use a separate accounting tool FreshBooks.

Hello all, I am in a similar situation where I would like to self manage our rentals.  I have been looking at a bunch of the software/websites that were mentioned by the original poster. 

@Brandon Rush - does Tenant Cloud charge your renters a fee to use their services to pay rent?  

@Brandon Rush thanks for your experience. I have created a test account and testimg it along with

@Nathan G. Thanks for sharing your suggestions, it is really a good idea to create a fake listing and request a fake application to myself and see how it works.

@Sylvia Park I think most of these software are free for tenants to set up an online account and there are some charges associated with rent payments I guess.

Originally posted by @Sylvia Park:

Hello all, I am in a similar situation where I would like to self manage our rentals.  I have been looking at a bunch of the software/websites that were mentioned by the original poster. 

@Brandon Rush- does Tenant Cloud charge your renters a fee to use their services to pay rent?

If they are paying via ACH payment, no fee is charged. If they are paying via credit card then a fee will be charged. I have 80% of my tenants paying via ACH with no issues at all.

Thank you so much for your reply.  I didn't think to try creating an account and just trying out the features.  

I really do not need a super robust program as we currently have 8 units to manage.  But I do want to get our business set up properly so that when it does grow, the program can grow with it.  It seems like most of the management programs do have that capability so that has been good.  I also know that I don't want to pay a lot (free would be better) for a program that allows me to keep track of the rent, outgoing expenses, maintenance requests and generate a tax report.  

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@Ramki D. I have tried a bunch of them. I am semi tech savvy, but for some reasons all these softwares are very far from user friendly.

I personally like Buildium. Their support is great, and trust me you would need it.

Having said all this, once you learn your way around it would be a life changing tool.

Good luck.

@Todor Ialamov looks like it costs 50$ per month. With basic subscription, does it provide on line state specific Lease, credit and criminal background checks? Is it worth it to take a subscription for a single unit? What kind of support do they provide?

Put one of my units into Innago, and it seems like I will be switching everything over to them come renewal season.

Free for me, free for the tenants, allows me to upload my own custom lease, allows me to build a custom(ish) application.

I can send applications via email, or post a link which is neat.

I had some issues with a few things and was getting text messages on a weekend to get it sorted.

Rent is quickly deposited in my account, like next day quickly, I would have to double check.

What are you looking for in a software?