Texas 30 days notice to leave

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Hi BP Family! 

I'm in negotiation for a duplex that has month to month renters currently paying $725 each which is half of market rate. The day I close I plan on introducing the new rental rate and updates that I will be doing or giving them their 30 days notice to leave. Does TX have any laws on how much a landlord can raise the rent ? Also  will I have legal issues getting them out in 30 days if they don't agree to rent increase ?

Thank you

@Bryan La

If they have a lease agreement in place and are not month to month then you are stuck with the lease terms.

If you plan to double the rent you'll lose the tenants, may not be a bad idea as you are looking to rehab.

Legal considerations... Texas is landlord friendly but courts may be backlogged, may not be as fast as you would like.

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@Bryan La

In person and then follow up with a letter in the mail is what I would do.

It is more personal, you want to treat them well and in person lets you feel out if they will be a problem or not.

Consider negotiating with the current owner that the rental property must be vacant at the time of the closing.  It would then be their responsibility to terminate these month to month leases with their tenants.

@Bryan La just be prepared for delays as the courts are backed up AND some municipalities (like Austin) still have an extended eviction moratorium in place through January 31. It could also get extended. I have a friend/agent who is trying to evict tenants currently and the court isn't willing to do anything until the moratorium is lifted. I definitely recommend doing some homework and speaking with a real estate attorney.