Atlanta laws - Any advice on loud music and drinking in the parking lot?

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Hi Everyone,

I'm getting complaints of unruly behavior at my apartment complex. Apparently I have 1-2 bad influences that are playing loud music and drinking in front of their doors/parking lot. I'd like to discourage the behavior and keep the other tenants happy. Any tips?

I was thinking of a complex wide notice to each tenant with a noise ordnance outlining the rules but will that do? Should I add an amendment to each contract and layout fines/penalties etc? I don't want to lose good tenants because I'm not taking action so just wondering what options I have and if legally I can stop this behavior. 

You must be firm, fair and swift in addressing this issue. How strong are your current rental agreements? Enforce the terms you already have in place.... most will have a clause about "peaceful enjoyment". You need to protect the rights of all of your apartment complex customers. Most cities also have noise ordinances.

Atlanta regional area is over 20 plus counties. You do not say where this is at or how many units you own.

Some of those areas in down town are just crap holes and that type of thing comes with the territory.

If you have a large complex you could put up a gate with card access to keep the bums, trouble makers, and drug dealers from loitering etc. around your place and give the tenants piece of mind.

Have you set up security cameras and street lights?? Many things you can do. If you are states away managing one of those rougher area in ATL downtown it will be almost impossible to keep a pulse on it. It's hard enough with those properties when you live local.  The police are supposed to handle all laws equally. The reality is stretched police departments work on the most violent calls first for priority and then get to your non pressing issues later if not at all.

Hope it helps.

Thanks for the note @Marcia Maynard  I'll take a closer look at the existing agreements to see what's outlined.

And @Joel Owens  its actually barrow county and it's typically quiet. Hoping that if we get in front of this ASAP and show we care we can deter the behavior. 

Barrow County is small enough that that it should not be a problem for the Sheriffs Office to deal with, and if it's within the city limits of Winder, that would be even better.  Smaller city police departments tend to be more pro-active and not as overwhelmed as larger departments.  

On a side note if I were you, I would call whatever jurisdiction it happens to be in and tell them you're thinking about moving there and just ask them general questions about the complex.  Ask for crime stats there as well.  Larger departments such as neighboring Gwinnett can give you call stats for any address going back multiple years.  May be a good thing for you to know, especially if you live out of state.

@Liviu P.  

Here is a clause that I put into our MF leases in the special stips.  It has held up in court multiple times in Athens Clarke County.  So to show your tenants that you are applying rules equally without bias (and taking action), you could have all tenants sign an addendum to their existing leases.  Please note that I am not a lawyer nor providing legal advice...

"It is understood that all common areas outside of the tenant's unit is for the common enjoyment of all residents. These areas must be respected and maintained in a clean, orderly fashion - included but not limited to trash, debris, odor, unattended possessions, music or noise etc - by penalty of $100 fee per incident. As a multiplex property, it is understood that reasonable, good faith effort must be made to be good neighbors for all tenants at this address. Multiple violations of this principle shall result in fees and possible termination. Landlord is not responsible for disagreements of any type between tenants. Tenants are liable for their own actions/relationships and are expected to either resolve disputes amicably or to contact law enforcement as necessary."

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