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I have often been contacted by BP members with questions about buy-and-hold investing in Baltimore City.  I will be co-moderating a class next Saturday, December 13, with another seasoned investor, Janet Tonkins.   The class is entitled 'The Real Estate Rental Cash Machine' and is sponsored by BREIA (Baltimore Real Estate Investors Association).  I started purchasing rental properties in 2005, and I was able to retire from Corporate America in 2008 solely from the cash flow generated by my rental properties.  Follow the link  for details on what will be covered in the class:  Real Estate Rental Cash Machine

There is still time to sign up!

BP members are contacting you often with questions even though you have a blank profile and this is your first post?

As a rookie buy-and-hold investor I have found Denise's classes tremendously helpful. I'm sure BP members are among the many that turn to her to learn more about Baltimore rental investing, because she has a very deep understanding of the rental market and a network of relationships in the area that help her get things done. Perhaps some are steered to her by other BP members. 

Nancy Roth


The answer to your question is 'yes.'  BP members started contacting me since an article was posted by a member who invited me to speak at a local real estate club here in Baltimore a few years ago. See link below.

In addition to continuing to purchase, rehab and rent properties and assisting other local investors in doing the same, I have been quite busy building my real estate brokerage business which includes property management and tenant placement.

Chris, you might be surprised by how many relationships people have as a result of Bigger Pockets. I don't post much but I have met many people that were referred to me by other members of BP. We have regular lunches, every Monday, at Sprits West on Wilkens Avenue and many of those that attend found out about us through people like Ned Carey- a regular contributor. 

As far as Denise goes, she just upgraded to Pro and when she did it wiped out some of her profile.

If you look at the Baltimore REIA you will see that she hosts a monthly Landlord Meeting and they are sponsoring the event next Saturday.

She has been doing this for many years and owns dozens of units. She is the Real Deal. You won't find a more honest, ethical, REI- anywhere.

Hi BP.

I received a lead for a property in Baltimore that I'm not sure what to do with it. I do not market or invest in Baltimore but it came my way and it looks like there might be something to it. It is 80% rehabbed, market rents are 1250/mo (from what I can tell) and could be purchased for under 40k. If you know someone who might be interested, please send me a message. Sorry, I don't want to hijack your thread.


Originally posted by @Mark Owens :

Chris, you might be surprised by how many relationships people have as a result of Bigger Pockets.

Those relationships are typically a result of actively participating on BP.  I'm always skeptical of anyone getting on here and their first post is telling people they can teach them the way for a fee. Glad to see that other active members here recommend her services. I may just check this class out.

@Mike Webb - I could be interested depending on the location/details. Feel free to ema me @ [email protected]

I have not taken Denise's class but know both Mark and Denise, and yes they are the real deal.


Chris K. I understand your skepticism. I would be wondering the same thing if I didn't know her. If you are interested, a group of us meets every Monday at noon for lunch. This is free- unless you eat, and it is strictly for networking. If you have a deal you are free to bring it. Newbies are welcome and those with more experience are welcome. We usually have between 5-15 people show up. Denise usually comes as well. A lot of people from BP have shown up in the past, and that is usually from a recommendation from Ned Carey, on of the moderators on BP.


Too much. Thought it might be 20 or 40 bucks. Always interested in hearing how others do things.

I am so thankful for BP because that is how I met @Ned Carey , @Mark Owens , and @Denise Uhrin in person.  They have singlehandedly help to mold and solidify my investment strategy.  These are real investors that are actively involved with helping others grow and prosper in the greater Baltimore Metro area.  Thanks for all you do!  Here's to a great 2015!

@Mark Owens - I know the above post is from over a year ago, but do you still meet every Monday at noon to talk REI? If so, I'm interested in attending. Please let me know. Thanks!

We changed the day to Friday. We meet every Friday at noon at 2601 Wilkens Avenue. It is a Bar/Restaraunt called Spirit's West.  When you go in we are in a room all the way in the back. There are typically 15-20 people that show up.

@Mark Owens Are you guys still meeting on Fridays? I'm interested in investing in the city and will be in town later this month. I'm looking to buy a rental property and would love to meet some locals 

@Erick Chavarria , yes.  We are there every Friday. I am going to be out of town this coming Friday, 5/11/17. If you show up at lunch it looks like a little corner bar. Go in and go to the back. There is another large room in the back to the right that is reserved for us. If you arrive at noon 3 people will be there. If you arrive at 12:30 15-20 people will be there. New people show up every week so please have a seat and introduce yourself. The world famous @Ned Carey even pops in now and then. If you come later in the month I should be there.


Thank you so much @Mark Owens . I will try to make it towards the end of the month! 

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