Looking for recomendations for an online screening site.

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Have decided to go with an online screening site auto pay , the whole smear.. Would like to hear from those who have used different places, PLEASE include who  they are , what you liked or did not like about them,. would you use them again. customer service issues, cost,  turn around time,   and any thing else you want to throw into the mix.  Especially want to know about rip off sites to avoid at all cost! Thanks

Are you looking for an online tenant screening service?  BP recommends TransUnion's SmartMove screening service, and that is what I use.  They charge $30 after the BP discount for general members, and that gets credit report, criminal background check, and they just added an eviction check feature (that I frankly don't know anything about).  You can pay after taking an application fee from the potential tenant, which is what I usually do, or you can have the tenant pay, but they don't get the $5 discount.

If you're looking for a site to manage your rental properties online, including ACH payment of rent by deduction from the tenants' bank accounts, I use and would recommend rentecdirect.com  I'm using it to manage 20 properties, about half of which have tenants that pay by direct debit.  There are some things on the accounting side that could use improvement, including the ability to easily separately apply expenses on a common receipt to separate units, but overall it works well.  Buildium is also widely used by small scale landlords from what I can see.

Hopefully I understood your question correctly and provided relevant answers.


I use lanlordstation.com

sorry, landlordstation.com

Hello @Ken P.  

My name is Sara Jackson and I am a representative with TransUnion SmartMove. I want to take a moment to provide the following information regarding evictions:

  • SmartMove offers eviction reports with one of the largest FCRA databases containing approximately 24 million+ records
  • Enhanced record matching enabled SmartMoveto release eviction reports with robust data
    • Enhanced record matching leverages TransUnion’s credit bureau file (including known aliases and a history of up to 20 addresses) to match records with the eviction database
    • Offers more accurate record matching based on name and address history
  • National eviction records cover all 50 states, DC, and Puerto Rico and include:
  • Court filings
  • Monetary judgments
  • Possession judgments

does anyone know if LandlordStation.com offers credit card payments from tenants? I would want to pass the 3% fee on to the tenant if they choose this option  

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