HVAC Contract Central NJ?

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This question if for anyone with properties in the central NJ/Trenton area. Do you have an HVAC contract? Do you use PSE&G Worry Free, or an independent company?

Do you find that they are worth the money? If so, any companies that you can suggest in that area?

@Scott Weaner  

 I don't know if PSE&G offers their worry free service down there however I can tell you that I'm a fan of utilizing it for my rentals.  It gives my tenants 24hr a day service in case the heat goes off.  They don't need to wake me up or text me at an uncomfortable hour.  They have a hotline that gets them direct service without me playing middle man.  The amount per month is minuscule in comparison overall with the service it provides in my opinion. 

Thanks Darren. I was thinking about using Worry Free. Do you know if landlords can buy it even if the utilities are in the tenants name?

@Scott Weaner  Yes, landlords can buy it for their rentals within their PSEG landlord account.  I would say it's definitely worth having for an older furnace/boiler. 

I have PSE&G Worry Free for one of my properties with an old boiler, and it's $10.19 a month. I think I've had tenants call them maybe 3 times in 8 years. But as @Darren Sager said, it's worth it not to have the tenants calling me about the heat, since I'd have to call PSE&G anyway.

We installed a new furnace in our other Trenton property and used Precision Air in Trenton. Their maintenance contract is $100 a year and they will change the filters once or twice a year and give a discount on parts.

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