This landlord is CRAZY!! Best Bandit Sign Yet!

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I was just taking my dog to the park when I saw this!

I just couldn't keep the guys name on there and feel good about myself posting it online, but also couldn't help but share...

Anyone else do this to their terrible tenants?

That's awesome! But, I would be afraid of getting into some sort of trouble for doing that, so I wouldn't. Good for the landlord though. Deadbeats need to be called out.

Account Closed is correct I would definitely get legal advise before stooping to that level.  This landlord should have evicted after the 1st non-payment.  Sign should read, "Ignorant Landlord let's tenants rent free".

Haha @Rocky V.  Quite true, however in CT I have heard of evictions taking 6 months or longer, 2 months best case scenario.

I wouldn't be able to do anything like that myself, but think its pretty hilarious...

I've never seen that but it's definitely HILARIOUS.

I am trying to pick up a lease for a tenant. It is like pulling teeth now.

Pretty stupid to do in my opinion. There is absolutely NO benefit to doing this, and it doesn't solve ANY problem. What it does do is put the landlord and their property at risk. We would all love to get back at those crappy tenants but something like this could just be throwing fuel on the fire.

I recently posted a pic of a $120 water bill I got stuck with on Facebook with the ex-tenants name on it.

After about 8 hours my annoyance had subsided so I took it down.

Her mom texted me 2 days later and said she was mailing me a check.

No reason a tenant should still be there 4 months later.  Even in Connecticut. 

First, I think it's strange that a landlord would be Facebook friends with an ex-tenants mom ;)

Also, re: the OP - the next bandit sign he handwrites for the front yard is going to read " _____  PUTS CONCRETE IN DRAINS" ... and _______ won't care a single bit.

Sam & Heather Jones 

I wasn't friends with her or her mom. In fact, we have zero friends in common and my page is "private" whatever that means these days. They got word of the picture one way or the other but did not see it herself because her text was asking me to remove it. It had already been down for 2 days.

I have 42 units and am friends with a few of my tenants on Facebook and most of my tenants that have Facebook have some mutual friends with me. It's hard to be involved in social networking and not be connected with a lot of your tenants when you have as many units as I do. 

I have no problem with anybody doing what is necessary to collect from deadbeat tenants. They deserve the embarrassment. Unfortunately in our offended world, everybody has a problem with this. 

Not me!

Bury em!

My Tenants would remove the sign before many people could read such a sign anyway.  The Notice for them to appear in Eviction Court should be enough for a deadbeat.  But, I got a laugh out of the effort to call them out.

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