What Do You Do When You Catch Your Tenant in a Lie?

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Confront the lie and correct to the situation. One lie turns into two turns into five. I think that this is one of those (small) things that helps you maintain control of your property and keep good tenants.

Send them a bill for the situation and if they don't pay tell them your sending the invoice to a collection agency that will call them constantly till they pay. 

Idk.... I typically call people out. Kind of fun watching them squirm! 

Just had a contractor try to tell me that the bid went over because I had them paint the basement walls. Which was extra. When I underlined it on THEIR scope of work they got quiet....

If you catch them in a lie prior to signing a lease.... That lease doesn't get signed. They never get the chance to be a tenant.

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I use property management so I don't deal directly with my tenants. But I will say that lying and stealing are 2 things that I cannot abide by and have showed "friends" the door for these things. I definitely would not put up with it from a tenant. Usually once someone gets caught it only goes 2 ways

1. they lie themselves even deeper into a hole

2. they come clean but you can still never trust them again.

* were not talking about little white lies here