What docs you require $2k mo rental, newly self emp apl 800 score

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if you were leasing a property for $2k a month  and your "previously employed" but as of this year , "self employed" applicant with an verified 800 credit score applies, what documentation would you require. They put $8,000 as monthly income on application. Also, they have never rented before , have always owned with mortgages. Credit report validates, paid as agreed, $2500/mo. No former landlord to contact) they arenew to area and want to rent for a year before purchasing again.  

Yep, I'm all for self-employment but when it comes to your rental. Trust but verify. Their credit score won't pay the rent. You need to see proof of future funds.

A credit score of 800 to me tells the tale..thats not something they will want to mess up.  I'd ask for proof they are paying themselves 8k a month (paycheck stubs).  To me bank statements are not something I'd be giving to anyone, landlord included.  Chances are tax returns won't reflect this if it is this new.