should i pitch in for utilities?

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So about a month ago we had a pipe burst in one of our unit, water ran from upstairs bathroom down to kitchen and into basement. water remediation company had fans and dehumidifiers in that tenants place for about a week running continuously. their utilities bill webt from being approx $50 normally to about $108 dollars so around double. theres 3 roommates in that unit and each one got a $100 disount for that months rent to compensate for any contractors coming in and out and not having hot water for about 5 days. my question is should i pay for the additional electricity used caused most likely by the dehumidifiers and fans? these are 3 graduate students living there. 

I think that would be appropriate and be a good will gesture. If you were the tenant, would you feel it was fair to pay extra for something that you didn't cause?