VA Housing Voucher?...Ever Handled One?

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So, I have an interested tenant who indicated she was on a VA housing voucher...the VA website is not very helpful...does anyone have experience with these...good?...bad?...

The property rents for $1,200/mo. and the voucher covers $1,050/mo. plus she indicated the VA would cover her deposit and first month's rent...

@Brandon Sturgill Be very careful with this. Make sure this is a voucher for all of the rent for as long as the term is, I got burned very bad  by this because the voucher was only for  1 months rent but I was lead to believe  from tenant it would be an on going payment. The tenant was in my unit for 7 months and it cost about 10 k to finally evict.

Also, @Brandon Sturgill , there exists a VA program called Veteran's Housing and Employment Assistance or VHEA - Google it.

If you're on Facebook, search for Christopher LaFayelle. He is a key person regarding VHEA.