Granite countertops

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I'm rehabbing my first rental property. Should I spend the extra money on granite countertops? Does anyone know about any other quality countertop options?

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quartz and man made tops seem to be more popular now days. I build high end homes and that's what people are doing. Can be less expensive also.

 quarts, marble and granite are porous materials - - that means unless sealed and KEPT properly sealed, they will take and soak in anything that stains.

Caveat Emptor.

I actually throw in granite into all my rentals regardless of the class of property.  Home Depot and Lowes both usually have some granite in my area at about $30 a square foot installed. That is essentially the same price as laminate for me, so I put granite in.

@Shaun Thibou

I use granite often too because the cost is not that much more when you consider they throw in a sink, and do the install for you.  I hate cutting out those sink holes.   

When people talk to someone about a home, Id say most convey it has granite within the first 1 minute of conversation.  

For a flip granite is probably best.  For a rental maybe a DARK granite.  For my residence, Corian is what I like because we really cook.  Quartz would be me second choice for my residence.

Depending on your end game- rental -flip - hold, for rentals- I get 12x12 granite tiles (under 5 bucks each) butt them together and trim it with 2" wood that matches either the granite or the cabinets. That is less than 12 bucks a linear foot! I can pop out a damaged or stained tile if need be-

Some sort of solid surface is more durable then laminate but it depends on the competition and rental pool.   We have used both granite and recycled corian and both have that extra durability.  It all depends on the type of unit, the competition, and the cost difference.

In all cases pick for durability.  Whites stains in granite. Corain is only cheap second, granite is actually cheaper new.  Look for deals and remnants if the kitchen is smaller and it will keep your cost down. For a low end rental a granite look formica may be good, the variable color doesn't show damage as much.

Granite vs Quartz

This might help you decide.

Granite is natural and unique. You do need to seal it once a year. ( But very simple process )

Quartz is man made no need to seal it.

Both material are very strong.

In new jersey the granite cost varies from $39 to $250Sqft. Quartz cost varies from $49 to $120Sqft.

You should also check other materials like quartzite, sopastone and porcelain for you countertops.