Approximately What Percent of Renters Have Dogs?

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I am debating whether to accept dogs into a newly renovated triplex. I am seeing that in general that the majority of college students do not have dogs, while many other applicants do have dogs. Are there any solid sources on the percentage of renters with dogs? Approximations from personal experience are welcome. I'm trying to figure out what percentage of renters I am excluding by not accepting dogs. I have porcelain floors and cordless blinds, so the interiors are somewhat dog proofed in that sense. However, on the exterior, I have privacy fenced back yards with designed landscaping, which might get damaged by dogs. Thoughts? Thanks! 

66% of my tenants have dogs. Im sure the number for all renters is considerably lower than mine. I like tenants with dogs as I am usually able to command a  pretty nice premium on the rents, and my tenants with dogs end up staying longer since it is hard for them to find a place that takes dogs.

I'm not sure percentages, but rentals with dogs still has a slight niche. Typically will be able to command higher rents as there are still a lot of rentals out there that don't accept dogs/pets. 

It is hard to get a number for a specific area, but I know one source I have seen in the past is the Humane Society of America, under the "pets"section there is a resource for property managers, and that site puts the number at 72 percent of renters as having pets (which seems a bit high but is close to one cited here by a real landlord manager). That organization, of course, may have  a dog in the fight literally and could have used a sample that impacted the results.

My personal anecdote is well over half to three quarters that call me have pets, but again they are self selected as I have a blanket pets on approval policy in my ads. 

I also find it can be a way a small operator can outcompete the mega apartment corp (which tend to be blanket "no" on pets, which I understand if you get hundreds of units it may be hard to track the pets and even a small number of barkers or not so well house trained could cause havoc).. So you have a nice competitive advantage that could help you in getting better tenants, more applicants, and retaining them longer......Best of luck

Here are a couple of 72 percent (renter as pet owner) cites, and it looks like another organization provided that survey, So it may be valid, but I think areas and markets would vary widely and your target market it key (for example, my demographic is the state worker or nonprofit worker with a Subaru and Labrador, radio tuned to NPR, etc, so pets on approval works well...).

I have always heard 80% of renters have what is considered a "Pet" so if you advertise no pets and then take someone with a fish. Technically they can come back and say you discriminated against them because you took the other person.. regardless of the reason they can make your life horrible.

We advise our clients to advertise pets on a case by case basis, first you then have the option to say no to one and yes to the other. And you also do not disqualify a very large segment of the rental population just because they have a hamster or something you are not thinking of

I think it depends on your area, in the middle of a city there will be less dog owners per se, but as you get away from the big cities I think more people have pets then don't. I would say at least 60% of people/renters have pets of some sort and that number is going up.