Is landlord responsible for smoke odor?

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I have a rental property which has smoke odor in one bedroom when we purchase it. We did a deep cleaning then rent it out. The renter are complaining about the odor in the whole house now, and we do not have odor appendix in our contract, I wonder are we responsible for the cleaning at this moment? I would help if it is only one room, but they are asking for whole house now...

@Account Closed  Seems kinda stupid if the tenant is complaining about a smoke odor.  If they didn't like the smell of the house when they initially saw it, why did they want to move in the house?  Maybe I would run my ozone generator in the house while the tenant is at work, but smoke can be tricky to get out especially with a tenant already in the house.  You might have to replace the flooring, clean the ductwork, seal the walls with shulac or Kilz etc....  If you promised the tenant the smell would be gone before they moved in, you should fix it.  However, if they are complaining a couple of months into the lease and they knew about the smell before the decided to move in and you didn't mention anything about removing the smell prior to the move in date, I would tell them to light a candle.  

@Christian Bors We have a similar situation. We rented out a property that no one knows there is smoking history(even we did not find it out, sad. We just bought the house in summer and rented it out).  Now the tenant turned on the heater and they were annoyed by the smoke odor. They did tour the house twice before moved in last week. I wonder am I legally need to remove this or not, and how to handle this properly? They seem to be good tenants.

@David Linq depending on the type of heat, the smell may go away. If it's baseboard, it will smell like something was burnt but should go away in a day or two. If there's ductwork,  I would still give it about a week. If it still doesn't go away, have the ductwork professionally cleaned for $350. If the heating source isn't Used year around, it's common for a smoke smell to linger at first usage of the winter season.

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