Newly bought duplex but what current tenant out?

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I am buying duplex and there is a unit that is occupied. One side is is ready to rent and I want to move into the occupied side to do renovations and rent out the ready to go side. I'm 10 days from closing and the occupied unit has a lease till dec of 2017. Can I give them 30 days to find a new place or do I have to honor there lease. * the lease says no dog and they have two. * lease say to keep unit clean and clutter free. They are living with everything in the house and in the backyard. I live in Michigan. Please help this new landlord ha.

Read eviction law very carefully. It can take months to get the tenant out. Hire an experienced lawyer if you haven't done evictions before. The previous lease remains in effect after you purchase the duplex, so they have it until Dec'17. Read the lease. Not sure having a dog is grounds for eviction. Check with local lawyer. Be very careful of anything that could come across as discrimination. Any legal step done slightly incorrectly or a typo means that whatever you just tried to do is invalid - and you need to start over - can cost time and money.

@Casey Berli I am by no means an expert or a lawyer nor do I live in Michigan, but when I wanted to do the same with my 4plex I made it a condition of the sale that the seller vacate the one I wanted. In this case he had other apts he could move them to, but I made it his problem. But be very careful about what YOU do going into this as you're liable to know and carry out the tenant/landlord laws according to your state.

Lease transfers with the tenant. If tenant is in violation of the lease (dogs) give him notice to remove the dogs with the option to allow him out of his lease.

You evict, assuming the dogs are grounds in your state, or you wait till the lease is up to non renew.

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