Who should pay for dishwasher repair?

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Hi All,

I have a SFR where the dishwasher wasn't working well so I replaced it with a new one.

Now about a 15 months later the same tenant says that the dishwasher isn't working and think the motor is burned out.

My rental agreement says that the tenant is responsible for all normal usage repairs (clogged sinks, etc.).  How would you treat this second request for dishwasher repair.  I want to be fair to the tenant but don't want to pay for all their abnormal wear and tear, breakage, etc.



@Ron Takeda My leases all state that the tenant pays the first $50 of any appliance repair. Maybe add that to future leases. Get an appliance repair person to come out, some do it for $40 or less. See if it is a motor issue, maybe you can get a replacement on Craigslist or Facebook Swip/swap groups. 

If you have any garbage disposals, take them out, they are worth more problems than the nicety. 

Anything beyond normal wear and tear would be considered tenant damages.  Unless it is a defect in the product then that is unfortunately just the cost of doing business.  

Thanks for the comments and suggestions.  I guess I need to have someone go fix it and then ask them what was wrong with it.  If there's no conclusive evidence of abuse then I'll cover it.  Thanks..

I provided all new appliances to my tenants. My lease says that the tenant is responsible for the service call. Then they are responsible for tenant damage. If it is a defect or normal wear and tear, I pay for it all. 


If I called the repair person I could ask them why they thought it was broken and they’d most likely give me their honest opinion. 

If the tenant calls for the repair person how would the landlord find out if it were abuse, normal wear and tear or defect. 

So unknowing should I assume a defective unit and call the service person?   Then I’ll probably get an accurate report. 

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