Tile vs fiberglass for tub and shower surrounds

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hey pocketeers,

What do you prefer for your rentals....

Tile surround with tub or fiberglass tub and shower surround?

Whats easier to maintain long run?

Fiberglass easy to relace last 10+years easier to clean than grout and it' cheaper what I've seen a lot of is fiberglass tub shower in the 2nd bath and nice tiled shower in the master because the decision maker tenant or buyer looks at where they're going to be showering who cares about the 2nd bath 

I've torn out too many low quality tub surrounds to the point that I just go with tile now.  Property constructed, it will last a very long time.  Make sure to have a cement board backer with an appropriate moisture barrier.  I use a basic builder grade 12x12 large format tile that I pay around $1 a piece for.  Install of the tile costs me around $250.  All in, I'm around $500 to get the work done.  Yes, this is double what you could get a basic fiberglass surround put in for but the durability and peace of mind is worth it to me.

I would consider the costs first, then take a look at which one is easier to maintain. Personally, I'm going with the surround.

Obviously the porcelain finish on a new tub is more durable(at least they used to be) than fiberglass, but keeping the caulk and grout looking good has been a chore.

What about the hybrid setup steel/porcelain tub, with fiberglass panels surrounding?