Excellent Multi-Family Property Manager in Norfolk, VA

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I'm looking at a 15 unit multi-family property in Norfolk, VA. Does anyone have an excellent property manager they of? I've heard a few horror stories and would like to avoid the dreaded no-effort management strategy.

@Theodore Kyriopoulos ,

I am using Doud Realty Services Inc, their office is in Portsmouth and they manage my six rental properties. They provide great services in all aspects. I am using their services for couple of years now and have no issues. Check their website doudrs.com for more information. Message me if you are not able to get their number.



Hey @Theodore Kyriopoulos I have been working with Doud Realty Services run by @Lisa Doud and @Eric Doud . We don't have any properties under management with them yet, but they have come with us on multiple occasions to evaluate potential investments. We really appreciate their thoroughness, insight, and knowledge of the area, and we plan to have them manage our property once we close.

@Theodore Kyriopoulos I can also confirm what many others have said about Doud Realty Services Inc. They are a wonderful property management company. @Lisa Doud and @Eric Doud are always willing to give their insights and knowledge of the area, or any other questions that you have.  I've called them up at odd hours to have some of my questions answered and they were willing to spend the time to help me. When it comes to doing property showings, reporting etc. they are ahead of the curve. They use many technologies that help the investor have an efficiently ran property.

I just came across this thread and figured I'd add a bit to it. I interviewed three different firms in October.  I ended up going with Commonwealth Property Group because they were slightly less expensive than my second choice, and because they came in on a recommendation from my financing point of contact.  The interview with Gifford went well too, they were just my second choice.  

I will say that I do not recommend Harrison and Lear.  

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