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I have several single family rentals in the Kansas City area.  Looking for a new PM that prioritizes communication and diligent maintenance work.  My current PM struggles heavily in these areas and it's cost me far too much money over the last year.  Looking to hire a new company asap.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  

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I am not sure if you would consider this or not but I was a property manager here in Kansas City for two HUD apartment complexes. My idea is that since I have experience and a few rentals of my own with a team around me for maintenance I would be interested in managing your rentals for you. I am currently studying to get my real estate license in Kansas and Missouri. If this is something you would want to talk more about please send me a PM and we could talk more about this option. Just wanted to reach out and make the connection

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Originally posted by @George Gammon :

Mike D'Arrigo not sure how to DM via the app?? KC commercial/residential

 George, I think Mike meant PM (private message) which is through the site.

Following this thread because I am also looking to change Property Management companies in Kansas City, MO.  Feel free to PM me.

There are several and I mean several property management companies here in Kansas City. One item to keep in mind is you are required by the state of Missouri to have your Broker's license which you can only obtain AFTER having your real estate license for 2 years. Here are a few other items I would make sure to ask.

1. All the fees they charge

2. How many doors they manage

3. How many employees are there

4. How do they handle the maintenance calls - do they have maintenance workers on staff? do they use subcontractors? etc. 

I've been investing since 2012 and had been using other companies until Jan 2017 when I decided to get my brokers license and manage myself. I wouldn't have it any other way now. If you have any questions feel free to reach out.

@George Gammon and @Kevin Trumbull ,  I use Scudo Realty. They've been really great managing my rentals in KC area. @Ray Orellano is the owner. He and his team are awesome to work with. I highly recommend them if you are looking for honest and organized PM team. 

@George Gammon , just seeing this thread. Let me know if you are still looking for property manager referrals in KC. If so, PM me and I'll let you know whom I recommend.


I have worked with different PM companies in Kansas city. PM for who I recommend. Finding a great PM is hard to find. 

I'm bumping this thread as I'm on my third PM in 3 years.  I have 11 single family doors in Kansas City MO, mostly B neighborhoods, and am planning to break up my portfolio to a couple different PMs at this point.  

I'd really appreciate recommendations of honest PMs, especially if you've experienced years of success working with them.  I have good PMs in several other states, no team is perfect they all have their strengths and weaknesses.  But I'm having trouble with the basics with KC PMs like communication, actually getting maintenance done, providing invoices for repairs, accounting headaches, etc.

Happy to discuss more on this thread or through PM

I own 6 rentals in KC and I self manage. Not a long term solution and I would also like to find a good PM (fired the one I had). Just talked with one who sounds decent although I’m not sure if I like the way they show vacant units and their hourly maintenance charge is through the roof. If anyone on this thread that has referrals please let me know.

Also, don’t ever use PMI of KC, they are terrible!

@George Gammon did you find a good and competitive PM in Kansas City to manage single family rentals? If yes can you please PM me the name and the fee structure?   

hello everyone, im in process switching PM. i ve 3 single family at KC looking for reputable honest PM. any recommendation?

What is the avg competitive rate out there?

Under 25 units it’s usually 8% of gross, 50-100% of first months rent, and 46-70/hr for maintainance.

I am also looking for a new PM in Kansas City. Kindly please share any good recommendations based on your experiences so far.

I've heard great things about Voepel PM and Bridge.  There are quite a few smaller companies that aren't as well known that are solid too.  Ask and call around...  You'll get plenty of feedback.  Who's best suited for you may just depend on your needs, what you're looking to do, and how you'd like things handled.  Location is key here as well.  ;)

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