When renewing a lease, do you have tenant pay pet deposit again?

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Tenant paid the pet deposit when they moved in a year ago and would like to renew the release.  Do you typically have them pay a pet deposit again upon renewal?

No.  You should still have the original deposit.  No reason to collect another one.

No, it's a one-time deal.

For clarification: pet deposits are collected as additional security against damages (just like the security deposit) but are generally refundable. Many states require you to refund anything labeled as a "deposit".

A pet fee or pet rent can be charged for the right to have a pet in the home and these funds are generally retained by the Landlord.

Pet fees and pet rent should be clearly disclosed as non-refundable in the lease agreement to avoid confusion.

You can if you like however, you might run off a good tenant. What I do see some BP member do is charge more monthly if the tenant has a pet. Now that can help raise your return. Think $25/ month is $300 a year each and every year. I have not tried this approach nor have I met one person whose landlord does this. They just purchased and moved and one complaint they made before doing so was the recurring monthly fee for their pet. 

My mom paid a pet fee when she had her dog in Colorado Springs. I think it was about $15 a month. My 3 kids and my niece also got stuck with this same pet fee thing when they rented apartments in the DFW area. I was originally going to just charge a deposit for people that had pets but decided to charge a one time non-refundable pet fee $100 and a $15 a month charge to anyone who has pets. I know I'm going to have to spend more on cleaning when they move out and pets do cause wear and tear to the yard and interior of a house. It also brings in $180 a year, every year. I haven't heard one complaint yet about it.

That fee is for up to 2 pets. That's all I allow and the pet can't be anything over about 35lbs.

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