Property manager will not give me rental history

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Hi my name is Cora. I am a landlord here in California. I have some possible tenants to rent one of my houses. So I faxed a tenant verification form to current property manager. The tenant have a month and a half before their lease is done and they are looking to move. They let the manager know I would be calling. But the manager will not give me any rental history on the tenants because they have not gave her 30 notice. But they still have about 45 days I. There contract. They are just making sure they qualify for my house before stating that they are moving. SO MY QUESTION IS CAN THE MANAGER WITH JOLD THAT INFORMATION? IS SHE IN HER LEGAL RIGHT.

Have the tenants contact the management company 

Can you contact their prior LL instead of their current LL?  

Get used to it, there is no incentive for current and prior landlords/property managers to cooperate, and you can't make them.  Their policy is insane, but they are probably trying to get out of work or risk.  Chase what you can (focus on other landlords/data), don't stress about what you can't get responses on, and avoid doing business with that PM.

I don’t give out information to anyone unless I have it in writing from the resident

Put the responsibility back on your potential tenants. If they cannot insure you get the necessary information you pass on their application.

It is not your responsibility.

The tenants did give her notice and permission to give me rental history. I faxed the proper forms like she demanded the first time I talked to her. So I passed on the tenants. Thanks.

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